Literary Structure of the Voynich Manuscript

Captain’s Blog: 1/31/2022

The Voynich Manuscript structure has been in recent past inaccurately categorized based on many factors. The literary structure of the Voynich Manuscript was designed to play out like Homer’s Iliad like an epic Trojan War. The following structure is an excerpt from our recent publication “The lost language of Braveheart, and Robert de Bruce King of Scots.”

  • “Form: how a composition is organized defines what type of work it is.  The VM’s form has been greatly analyzed over the last 100 years. Though, greatly misunderstood because it was analyzed by illustration alone without knowledge of the language or its context. The VM follows the same structure of the Greek tragedy, Homer’s Iliad. 
    • Intro (Prologue) : Folio 1r. Opening Letter, the purpose of the VM.
    • Section A: Folio 1v – 66v. 
      • Parodos Folio 1v: (Greek theatre literally meaning “passageways”) the chorus explains the VM’s illusion and how the passageways work.
      • Episodes and Stasimon: Maps and Legends of  – geographic locations, roads, ocean currents, wind currents, with short poetic navigational instructions. 
    • Section B (Episode): Folio 67r – 70r. Epic Battle Scene “The First Ottoman-Venetian War” began as raids in 1423 and turned into war by 1477. The War Strategy is depicted by code words and star clusters for Military Attack positions.
    • Section C (Stasimon): Folio 70v – 73v. The Chorus of the Kalendorius, March 15th 1433 – December 1433. The odyssey in the VM begins on the day March 15th (Ides of March, which was traditionally a day to settle all debts,) the voyage is not set to a traditional Sunday 7 day week system; it is set like the map sections where the folio represents a 7 day cycle. (It is important to note some months have been removed.) 
    • Section D (Episode): Folio 75r – 86v. Detailed instructions of secret tunnels, rivers and hide out locations in continuation of the Battle Scene.
    • Section D1 (Stasimon): Folio 85v – 86r. Atlas of the entire MS 408 Corpus: example the upper right fortress is a Map of the Old Navarino Castle, Pylos, Greece.
    • Section A1 (Episode): Folio 87r – 87v. Maps and Legends 
    • Section A2 (Stasimon): Folio 88r – 90r. Ship (1) Schematics
    • Section A3 (Episode): Folio 90r – 96v. Maps and Legends
    • Section A4 (Stasimon): Folio 99r – 102v. Ship (2) Schematics – TORJAN HORSE
    • Section E (Exodus): Folio 103r – 116r. A Legal Decree 
    • End: Folio 116v. Epic Warning!

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