The Perspective of the Voynich Manuscript

Captain’s Blog 2/8/2022

The Perspective of the Voynich Manuscript is a fascinating cultural phenomenon. Even in today’s world where we have 600 years of knowledge on the VM we as a culture still struggle with perspective. My new Book “Lost language of Braveheart, and Robert de Bruce King of Scots,” goes into great detail about the illusion of perspective. If you stand in one perspective of thought you will miss the full picture.

The Key to the Voynich Manuscript “The Catalan Atlas” had a very particular common perspective of its time, it was designed to be viewed at a government strategy table. The text would face South and the image of the map would face North. This way strategist at the table would sit and view the map based on their expertise. The Voynich Manuscript does the same thing, but a lot more complicated. It was based on Brunelleschi’s Point Perspective a new drawing technique at the time.

There is a great deal of speculation on how to see the Voynich Manuscript. Are they plants – yes and maps. Are they schematic drawings – yes. Is it more advanced for it’s time – yes. The Voynich Manuscript is the future as the 15th century saw it – the future that they through the schematic drawings built. Our perspective as a public is that the inventions in the VM could not possibly exist because they didn’t exist yet. But what came first – the chicken or the egg. The VM is the egg and what we see is the chicken.

Photo by cottonbro on

What are you really seeing? The girl in the image above, where is the girl and where is the mirror? What you are really seeing is pixels on your computer or phone screen of an image of the past.

The images in the Voynich work the same way. The maps are designed not to due North but by Mete’s and Bounds. Works like your GPS and is based on your perspective and direction you are going. So, is the image below a perfume bottle, a spyglass or a capstan?

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