Folio 16r/v: Southern Circumpolar Vortex

Captain’s Blog: 3/1/2022

I am continuously impressed by what I translate in the Voynich and Folio 16v is no exception. If you are new to my blog and my research the Voynich Manuscript is a 1430’s Scottish Royal document containing world maps of ocean and rivers currents. Each folio in the Voynich is a self contained map but connected to the maps around it using mete’s and bounds.

Folio 16v is located in the Southern most point of Brazil bordering Uruguay. The location of the outer axle of the Southern Circumpolar Vortex. To make calculations in this region they where using various math equations. Before you read the translation there are a few things you need to know.

Folio 16v Line 1, Word 5-6: r puegla, word for word, the radius of a small hill
Meaning: rectification of a curve. “Arc length is the distance between two points along a section of a curve. Determining the length of an irregular arc segment is also called rectification of a curve. The advent of infinitesimal calculus led to a general formula that provides closed-form solutions in some cases.” wikipedia.

“For much of the history of mathematics, even the greatest thinkers considered it impossible to compute the length of an irregular arc. Although Archimedes had pioneered a way of finding the area beneath a curve with his “method of exhaustion”, few believed it was even possible for curves to have definite lengths, as do straight lines. The first ground was broken in this field, as it often has been in calculus, by approximation. People began to inscribe polygons within the curves and compute the length of the sides for a somewhat accurate measurement of the length. By using more segments, and by decreasing the length of each segment, they were able to obtain a more and more accurate approximation. In particular, by inscribing a polygon of many sides in a circle, they were able to find approximate values of π.” wikipedia

Folio 16v Line 2, Word 3: tauetua, word for word, (mathematics, neologismChiefly written τ: an irrational and transcendental constant representing the ratio of the circumference of a Euclidean circle to its radius, equal to twice the value of pi (2π; approximately 6.2831853071).

Folio 16v Line 11, Word 1-3: etalom utua rom, word for word,
(η)atmospheric vorticity-closed outer-axle space
Today in science we would call this the “Southern Circumpolar Vortex’ Outer Axle.” The Antarctic vortex of the Southern Hemisphere is a single low-pressure zone that is found near the edge of the Ross ice shelf, near 160 west longitude. When the polar vortex is strong, the mid-latitude Westerlies (winds at the surface level between 30° and 60° latitude from the west) increase in strength and are persistent. When the polar vortex is weak, high-pressure zones of the mid-latitudes may push poleward, moving the polar vortex, jet stream, and polar front equatorward. The jet stream is seen to “buckle” and deviate south. This rapidly brings cold dry air into contact with the warm, moist air of the mid-latitudes, resulting in a rapid and dramatic change of weather known as a “cold snap”.

Voynichees to Latin:
-Purom euler upuei upuia r puegla
aluer a tauetua jetueuler vera
atua sa uea jela uatua tevil
suei uulesa upes uelei soi
alua uala uer uei alua sok
rer uter ela utor uei soirn
-Pueula uapua jelua uupia ra
som uei a som uula jeluer uer veie
sva eton etom uei uer uler la uesa
jetua uasa atua uuta elon uler ula
etalom utua rom
som ata eler uesa
retor eoeror

Translation in Modern English:
Exceedingly, Boatswain, high-time passes through the rectification of a curve, the allower goes the ratio of a circumference (2π; approximately 6.2831853071), the instrument set is accurate, it implements into. Woe, you must stop the specters, it will want to behave by joining at the forefront above the wheel itself. A lapped journey the winds time laps and suckles, following outward it approaches and takes advantage of the time zone.

The station has a low whistling sound away from them the dammer stupefies the sequence measurement of time. It goes, measure the forefront barrier of wind, it marks, thus, in the direction. I am hoping it yields time, wind is fixed. Length(a), risky, it gates over and carries out, out it will be going arranged to the final resting position. Southern Circumpolar Vortex outer axle (word for word: the Circumpolar Vortex’ outer-axle space): measure that’s going, having ventured it returns waveringly moving forward.

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