Folio 19r – Navigating South America

Captain’s Blog: 2/25/2022

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:
Puer jesua jelva salua jelua jeta som suasa
Sva uer a lua uei salua uersa som salarua
Eruier valsom ueiser ata
Jeleror som uuta valuer
Elua lua jeta som r
Aver va som elalua som
Jeluela uler seruom sor
Er uer sola soi uer seri va
Jeluer sa ser a luatua vsom
Som uler uei atuer uersa
Jelua jeiesa ueisa ulas
Atuer uer som somei
Ereuler aluer

Translation to Modern English:
Extremely then having stopped they will have waved goodbye. The divider: to get the measurement it is recommended the velocity speed wind goes alee. The time will have waved goodbye. Stanza measurement is a sacred cubit. I insist that you throw out the 3/4 turn mover that’s I am hopping a stopper measurement out. Vertical asymptote lure a windbreak protected from the wind. Get the measurement radius. To affirm the vertical asymptote measurement passes are hot (quick). The measurement secant is the reciprocal fixed to a spread. Confirm the earlier wind, miry boggy place grids the wind and weaves. The vertical asymptote barrier hesitates individually, it goes quickly radius*pi*secant spread sum set to time and carries out the stanza dammer prohibits scale around about implement wind measurement approximately set to aerial allower.

Math #1: Secant Method

Math #2: Arc distance using Secant Method. Best in maritime geoidal distance calculations. (y°) can be determined by using two vertical solar observations at sunrise and sunset, then solve using spherical trigonometry.

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