Folio 20v – Defying History like a Scots

Captain’s Blog 4/16/2022:

In all my previous translations of maps and equations in the back of my mind, I kept thinking, how did they do it. Folio 20v defy’s history to such a level I’m speechless. The image in my mind is William Wallace approaching the English Infantry and moon shining them before chopping off their heads. Or a McLellan marching into King Charles I thrown room and threatening the king with a severed head on the end of a claymore sword.

How does Folio 20v defy history to this magnitude. The location is the Scotia Sea Gateway. The only passage that you can navigate through to get from South America to South Africa. To history this was not an accomplishable task until Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan sailed this route and calling it the Straits of Magellan in 1520. If Straits of Magellan wasn’t accomplishable until 1520 – what is it doing precision drafted in the Voynich Manuscript by 1436?

Translation of Folio 20v (working translation)

The pit; rhumb lines beginning, e: the resultant angle of all three angles in spherical trig open field velocity of the orifice plates energy passes throughout the point convexity scales, howls the secant arc upland. Located in the back the break through produces time. The mark will be going the time citation, approaches relative vorticity. There are two marks, the forefront datum level and the distance a sailing vessel runs between tacks when working to windward. A dammer that is formerly an untreated mark measurement.

Length of the approximation peak time is going the marked lines in the water. pressure*vessel*descending movement = hydraulics equation divided by the narrow passage secant arc mean. The most valuable part confirmed, it rivals east of the lines in the water orifice plate. The hours trench feebly, there is an enclosure measurement, it rivals the associate radius banks the shoreline. The source of the Ptolemaic System (8th celestial sphere of fixed stars) that is the beginning descending measurement. speed*radius implements the hydrographers enclosed time variation secant. You must congeal the vertical distance + the infinite geometric series + fairways forefront time measurement. The descending wind approaches the localities by way of overhead direction of the wind (aka. vorticity advection.)

Voynicheese in Latin Characters:

poy r or elea va pep euia epuia jepa ueisa epa sa upa
rer atem uiei uei uem uiula elei uei uesom ela
etua ve tuei vei uula jelaua leiva jelua
ve er om vei som

l*vei peiuei eler vei ver p*ves*ua elua uupa sa
seyn ueuta sor uie uta ver uier uor ulom
veula ve ula som viea lia r || reom
von ueroia ve or ua som s r
atua tiesa ue ula uei vs jela sh ∞∑
vetom ueula uei som ua uer ela
etem uia upei uera

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