Folio 20r – The Call of the Lynx Wild Cat

Captain’s Blog: 4/14/2022

Things you should know when reading the translation of Folio 20r. What is a polar easterlies? A combination of both wind and ocean current, flow to close to Antarctica it flows west to east, to get past the Cape of Good Hope it flows east to west. Volcanic gas escaping in this region is very eerie and would sound like the call of a lynx wild cat.

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Translation of Folio 20r in Modern English

Subsequent joints in the Earth open with a dam like undeveloped region. Confirms (Earth’s) rotation. It remains irregular the outside-eastern gates (polar easterlies). Choose the authors, otherwise undeveloped. The authors citations there allow passing through widespread afflictions. They are confirmed a good amount of islands by way of going.

The small value of the guide point (a) horizontal distance, weak compass, confirmed. The ξ (xi-function of a complex plane) struggles, the Oceanographer inactive by means of the suns descending mark measurement. The holding measurement rotates in place, time is seen marked and should go, the streets zone rivals the rhumb-lines increase.

Low Sound-Higher Position, break in wind dams the gated off region like a lynx wild cat. At an away distance, having great force, the wind raises up halting an entirety of evaporation, thrashes and leaves it high and dry on the shore undeveloped. Flow near the undeveloped ways edge, the speed which increases is a separate barrier. The barrier from the wind, undeveloped measurement. Confirmed icy wind conditions, observable widespread affliction.

The image left is Folio 20r xi-function complex plane grid, image right is the complex plane grid today.

Voynichees to Latin Characters:

tsuesa uepa uya jeluei jeleya sueruom
uesia ulia ueteie soir jetua ulesa uesua
jelya ue uesom ve jeua uia luiesoi soroi
euei eilya eleiuia

pueula ueteom gpa uiyk epuia verom ξ
ueyr etuer jelei uya son ua uem som
eueives som ueliei uei sei vei elom
rue son uie r uiesa

puesyr vesa jeluia jetuia jeupa ueteisa
eueom uer resa puesom uilesa ueta sualea
sues jelyesa alua jelvia suom ueiesa
vem uiesa eluia elua elualua jelya som sor
euom uer ueruya luia

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