Translations F24v-25v: Cape of Good Hope

Captain’s Blog: 5/5/2022

Folio’s 24v-Folio 25v are based on the same subject line so we decided to post them all at once. The previous Folio’s had described if a ship where to get sucked into Antarctica how to get out. Once leaving the ship captain would need to get their bearings on passing the Cape of Good Hope in Africa.

Folio 24v: By using the “apparatus”, a device the authors of MS 408 describe, they where determining position from the Prime Meridian. The Prime Meridian in MS 408 is expressed by the different styles of the written “P”. One looped p’s and two loop p’s are different based on if you where using multiple prime meridian points. (Further explanation of this is in our book “Lost Language of Braveheart.”) The Key to MS 408 is the Catalan Atlas and the grid of the Atlantic Ocean in the Shape of the old Greek God Poseidon. To account for the Earth’s bulge in the center they mapped the Prime Meridian with a slight shift at the equator. The “P” on Folio 24v lets the reader know where on the grid they are based on the shifting hip line of Poseidon.

Folio 25r: Torque Calculation using a 15th century anemometer. They where running two anemometers on the yard arm and they could predict the change in wind speed. By using the change in the wind speed they could predict when to tacked and sail straight into the wind. They where using bells so the Boatswain’s Mate could hear and then call the tacked. Tacking – The opposite of jibing, this basic sailing maneuver refers to turning the bow of the boat through the wind so that the wind changes from one side of the boat to the other side. The boom of a boat will always shift from one side to the other when performing a tack or a jibe.

Folio 25v: Connecting back to Folio 19r the geolocation is the Flying Dutchman Peninsula in South Africa. To get this location they where calculating the Rhumb Line from Oak Island, Nova Scotia Canada we call today “The Great Circle.”

Translation of Folio 24v:

Tease through map North important point in time to contain the opening deceiver. See (Poseidon’s) hip-space southwest, the axoids rock formation velocity of an orifice. The authors soaring will be going in this place. The rhumb is a separate rigid container, complex curve is blinding and has left an outcome. The air moves forward whirls the published entirety.

Axoid is a beacon. I am hoping it produces and consumes the filters of going because the brightness of their icebergs. The wind area of a sector is away holding court, it is fortified in front of the tribal land. The forefront is marks the level plain away from the time earlier real (time). To solve the complex problem away from the point. The author’s secured the axoid orifice plate. Yes, reset back to zero. Twice wind up, the slip that is able to and maintain course. The observations yield time assist that are accurate. It will be going having been consumed, situated the way of a warrior that is and that are the secant arc. Join the ceases like its enjoined having been separated remaining fixed.

Translation of Folio 25r:

Then destructiveness, the measurement guide-point tangent breaking wind measurement had possessed an overhead sequence. It is going the wind torque calculation. Uninformed, the given I have allowed there is descending approximation. Let us stop, having stopped the outcome runs fast, being traveled the rhumb’s force measurement. The force measurement area joints there is an enclosure we developed fixed to the rhumb’s bendable rotation. Although it beats the ringing of bells its a herder of the arrow measurement. Measure the arrow, they are congealing the yield observation.

Translation of Folio 25v:

The highest degree to get the velocity of an orifice. The measurement passing through is a separate entrance located in the back. Confirm the settled wind measurement rhumb and also the measurement that borders of the known world measurement. You are throwing out the lures of time measurement, a faux pas the rhumb measurement speedway makes it invalid, guesses and dams. Mark the measurement employed so that the measurement employed fortifies the information. To assure the speed way enjoy seeing the author’s measurements. Measure the instruments wheel dammer per the boundaries, the authors rhumb is a resource, you are set to the rhumb trace of the boarders of the known world. Truth, the measurement is devote for the sake of.

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