Translation F 24r: First Mate vrs Sharks

Captain’s Blog: 5/2/2022

The First Mate on a sailing vessel is responsible for calculating speed and position by counting the knots. The translation of Folio 24r gives instructions on how to do just that using a traverse board. Watch here on youtube to learn first hand how it works. Chip Log. There are many important mariners tools in the Voynich that our team has identified to get geolocations from, one of them is the traverse board.

“The traverse board is a memory aid formerly used in dead reckoning navigation to easily record the speeds and directions sailed during a watch. Even crew members who could not read or write could use the traverse board.

As the mathematician William Bourne remarked in 1571, “I have known within these 20 years that them that were ancient masters of shippes hathe derided and mocked them that have occupied their cards and plattes and also the observation of the Altitude of the Pole saying; that they care not for their sheepskinne for he could keepe a better account upon a board.”

Bourne’s ‘old salt’ is talking about a traverse board, a wooden board with a compass rose drawn on it linked by pegs and cords to a series of peg holes beneath it. It allowed a helmsman to keep a rough check of the time sailed on each rhumb of the wind.” Wikipedia

Translation of of Folio 24r:

For a period of time the wind whistles powerful wave measurements. The former are congealing the canonical hour and property line. I am producing lambda λ in order of atmospheric vorticity. I am maintaining the flow produced directly east of the earlier out of nights (dawn) plain. Yesterdays residual secant arc tremors the authors rhumb line enclosure whole. Be Silent! (* see notes on sharks below)

The islands are fixed, move away from the caged, to get. Throw a plain rhumb velocity of an orifice fixed, to get. First Mate: get the measurement obtainability, it consumes the outing per the result that lambda λ east 60 (knots). The year more northerly wind rhumb, zero observation secant arc, divide the yield/year plus tributary water. You get the entryways dammer. Sea Route: read to completion. Air you go the rhumb line to its entirety, it governs the course. Year of having received the canonical tide flow it had weighed the going grids grid grids rhumb line moves like an eel it had weighed the wheel atmospheric vorticity. Disciplinaries of Time Measurement: time the rhumb and incite the beginning mark, time the property, it is going North. Unrefined region.

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:

per era uer epuer vi uiei som er
jelom uor esck eto utei eta
aulor uloi etoi jelor uta
er uut oia ulor yer uyr sa
jesor ue r uia ula uli tieh
eyier uler eloi jeulei jeta
auer r eh jeior som jetiei
esom utoh je soλ uta soisoi
jer upor uer r oh uelom sa
dor uiei yir etyh uier jeton
jetua jelua lei lesuta
eyr ei r uia uul ror
jer uya jes uor uloi
voh etioi soi soh soi
rvia eloh voh uleh eta
auiai uei som uei r
aei tei uei veh elo upa



Did you notice in the translation that it mysteriously puts in “BE SILENT!” leaving the Antarctic back to warmer waters sharks play a role in the deep of sea. Today, this region has a variety of sharks the Big Blue Shark and the Short fin Mako Shark. Though in examining the shark teeth on this page the sharks they where running into look more like the Tiger Shark. Tiger sharks are known to be attracted to sounds and will follow a ship for a very long time.

One thought on “Translation F 24r: First Mate vrs Sharks

  1. The traverse board was very important in maritime usage because many crew members were of different countries of origin so a literate person or different languages and orgins could be placed right in if needed at the cockpit.


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