Folio 26v: South African Retro Flection

Captain’s Blog 5/7/2022

There is a lot of legal terms in this page. Words like passport, easement, point on tangent, lead boundary marker, etc. Interesting usage of words as no government entity was governing the South African waters at this time. According to recorded history this region was not sailable because of the break in the wind in the retro flection. Folio 26v is describing how to pass through this region without failing. The first voyage around South Africa was in 1488, did Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias do it with the help written in the Voynich Manuscript?

The Geolocation of this page is 34°05’S x 18°12’E – South African Retro Flection

Working Translation of Folio 26v:

Guster of wind bursts out (?) keep hold the Bay. The mark is a strange phenomenon, deep abyss’ convexity area of a sector. The rudder, call for help, like steam boilers getting forced out. The rudder goes beyond the earlier, away from the teachers lead, it incites what’s spoken fully, velocity². I had imputted it being forced out, appoint a consumer lead boundary marker point of tangent. Attention to the easement, they are getting further headland, it obtained a former understanding because of our atmospheric vorticity knowledge. It says to increase and redeem. I would throw it out and you will stop. You will stop, it had dried up throughout the point. At a distance detach the draw fully. Vortex (wheel descending) fortifies outcome it consumes and explains the distance between the lot corner. The way horizontal lines channel and snare because it is a small rigid contains knoters. The space is “Y” shaped and it will be able to for a period of time. Remote, the new way to break wind will fail and betray.

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Voynicheese to Latin Characters:

puisor jesora (soim?) puyla rocr visa apuisa apusa jepa vsa
ror occr uitisa jetisa elisa ror a ulsa er ovi oiad uisa
pusor epor sor uyei epusa elisa utsa esor uisa alisa etusah
agt yesa jetisa sya roisa etiser er uied erom etie uitom
syei ueisa jelysa jetesa jelisa jelisa epuisa epua ud or
leysa tiesa visa sar uisa ruir or uyta sor uia uita alysa
puisa sor uieil ua rocr uyr esom utyia atia vya
luisa etyer uyer arom etuya tiesa rom yed jetir era
avya etvia vesa piva lesasa

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