Translation Folio 27r-29v: Agulhas Plateau

Captain’s Blog 5/9/2022

The next few folios in the Voynich Manuscript are historically vital in sea exploration. The geolocation is the Agulhas Plateau just past the Cape of Good Hope. The Agulhas region has: a shallow plateau; icy Arctic waters smashing into the hot Indian Ocean currents; gusty winds, eddies; weak ocean edges; and one of the most significant locations for life to exist in sea water.

The bearings to Agulhas Plateau was described in an earlier post: ( In previous folios the axoid (folio) grid was set to specific points in Catalan Atlas Poseidon map. After Cape of Good Hope the Voynich Manuscript switches to a new bearing, Kiev Ukraine. Kiev Ukraine and the Agulhas Plateau share the same longitudinal lines making it vital to understanding this section. In the Catalan Atlas Kiev Ukraine is drawn by a cluster of monasteries.

Each folio in the Voynich represents a 7 day cycle. Folio 27r is dated as April 26th, 1433. The historical significance in ocean exploration on this date is Zhung He, Chinese mariner, explorer, diplomat, fleet admiral, and court eunuch during China’s early Ming dynasty. Zhung He was a power house in leading the worlds greatest fleet. In Zhung He’s last voyage, April 26th, 1433 he was recorded as going down the coast of Africa near islands off the coast of Madagascar. The very location the Voynich axoids are going. Shortly after Zhung He’s voyage the Ming Dynasty shut down its major port Fukiang and moved it to Hong Kong where it still is the major seaport today.

Folio 27r: Entering the Agulhas Plateau (translation into Modern English)
33° 6′ S (x) 26° 50′ E

The following way wells up and positions the velocity of an orifice plate, the instrument of time: secant arc force marks the sun. Confirmed. You are forbidden to join together the knowledge of diameters radius time velocity of an orifice plate. Fasten times descending mark, the descending measurement passes through the grid. I discarded the wind hour descending so that the knots (speed) wind selection sets apart the outcome. The information of the velocity of an orifice positions the measurement eastward. Descending is lazy wind time rotations velocity of an orifice has two perceptions (two currents: larger flower Agulhas Current; smaller tri-flower Agulhas Return Current.)

The beginning main roads channel the points, rumbles the already hour. The wall you will lap descending expiate rushing forth. The sun’s time grids join together the knots (speed) that are widespread. Time passes the descending active and dams at the forefront line descending a widespread secant arc time measurement outcome. The wind sticks and suckles. The sun stakes the knots passing through, slippery, moving away from the unconnected land.

Translation 27v: Ocean Depth’s of the Agulhas Plateau

The skiff boat had wept and weaved the expedition, it marks the allower. Whistles overpowering wind, thus, employ a barrier velocity², thus, the speed of velocity approximately stakes and settles, thus, twice approximate. It usually sways soundly, it was a huge increase, violently powerful complex curve (comb equation). Descending, your speed time is HOT! (e) the resultant angle of all three angles, set theory is the objects value. To get velocity/knots method the velocity/mark is uninformed. The corpus sways the circumference radius, the magnification escarpment (steep slope) re-read. That is, we clothed the variation secant arc. The rush slopes and mocks the very wide trough (long narrow depression between waves, low portion of a wave) across.

Notes on 27v: to get out of this area the authors of the Voynich where using a small skiff boat to drop an anchor and swing the main boat up the currents. the leaves on this page are an account of when and how to do it. The flower’s are important observations and main points, though if you skip any leaf it will be near death. Due to change in climate the Agulhas plateau has changed since 1433.

Translation 28r: Agulhas Border where the Antarctic water meets the Indian Ocean

The skipper vessel maps North, it points out the measurement, separates the descending rage. The Boatswain’s alarm is fixed to go down, an educated secant arc. The certain values sieve frequent lines in the water, fixed to all the lines in the water. Uninformed risk. The sails: fix to how it will be going, uniformed. Fixed, it will be going. If rainy you must stop! Set theory movement, I am supporting the citation that is set in motion. It scrapes the instrumental plaster apart from the measurement. The authors guesses the published that is going, the seems are feeble and will be going. State the observation, certain. Cast out of the river, measure to continue, look carefully at the measurement. The mark sways, it should go always further passable to the edge.

Translation 28v: Transkei Basin and Eastern Ridge: 30° Longitude

Double Attention to the lines in the water, the surveyors turning point residual is a forceful point. You are (being) stopped. True implements datum level secant arc, instrumental wind leeward side. The Instruments sharp point is wind/time/descending mark.

Modulus of Elasticity orifice plate (e) resultant angle of all three angles enclosure is inactive. It rivals the lines in the water measurement. You are to be stopped! It will be going the time measurement, a means of escape that dams the undeveloped way measurement. -Measurement Means of Escape

After the angular radius, time sacred cubit measurement that is a reading. The descending wall velocity of an orifice projecting end of the radius escorts towards a bendable force. The knowledge of the radius area in the direction of the descending area is fixed succeeding the circular paths (hourglass time = 1 hour) passing of time arc length surely.

Notes: The Easter Egg on this page is the sedge plant. Known in the 11th century as a abortifacient. Following the directions exactly is the only way to abort and escape. It uses a sharp point plum-bob to measure ocean soundings (depth). The depth is marked in fathoms (60 fathoms) by the flower leaf pointing down. The second Easter Egg is a message in-between lines that where created by an instrument when developing the page, it left a hole in the page on the left side. The message reads “boundary congeals a hole, covers it here for the reason, weak ledge.”

Translation 29r: Interannually Eddy Kinetic Energy

Per the natural state, the power of the natural state Way of Peeling off the descending dammer. You must stop, it wells up and singes. It implements a concealed atmospheric vorticity, a great amount is concealed, planking the gates you must stop. Time(*) rotation of Earth vies, the set is confirmed arc length forefront gyron maneuver the wind.

The channel orifice plate vies the way, links to the grids near the “Eagle.” (eagle = Poland’s flag = 30° longitude, also depicted in folio 29v). Sails sieve the feeble lines in the water. The lines in the water measurement, what you get gates time. The longitudinal line you get a waylay, conceals an interior. The lines in the water by wind there is a written account, the orifice plate forms a gel, the secant arc measurement enclosure is a water jet reaction force, annually passing through removing a tethered object deflecting its position by obtaining lift and drag to the approximate side.

Note: Folio 29r is describing an “interannual eddy kinetic energy” event where the Antarctic icy waters meet the hot Indian ocean waters. view 36°S x 30°E approx.

Easter egg in the root system “wo” meaning is Scots “a wall.”

“wo” – wall

Folio 29v: Nigella Sativa “Black Cumin” Medicinal Cure for almost Everything

The teamed lines in the water are wanting. You go the ledge/margin, the values enclosure velocity of an orifice weaves the measurement. To stop remove time enclosure passing through shallow wetlands. Allower is excessive, time continues the way, it consumes the dammer, dives, singes a vigor sequence. Go the11th position towards the bow of the ship, passing through its entirety the lenses amply, that is, I am hoping it yields.

Examine the force to break through ice, conceals, vines the velocity of an orifice surely. To travel rotate the residual and resolve. Confirm the slope, the break in the wind dams and voids the measurements smallest unit secant arc. The variation of a secant arc forefront is a written account, it will be going top-notch speeds the sun entirety descending. Selecting the observations, the authors water and wind descending axoid, the authors pertain it is.

Guesses, I am hoping it yields. The authors wall above the outward measurement the whole of it is important, blindness fortified the wall and projects, you will tilt to one side, the wind is a separate delta function, it goes.

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:

trer via velie uperom va || ves uora
sa uon vei son sor vetas || suei ulia dr
uei va tiei uei ua vei ua || som uia soh
jetia uer uor ua sua tya || uer ulesa
ser uyr ule va upora || som soir
ua lueir uer ueiuom || va tuoisa
tuia uia tuiei pua ruia ia || uoir uoh
alua ua luei saluia son || uei soi
suia tyes ve luia uei ela || ua leish
jeluia vir ra ua leuia sa
uei som uyr uer glia sok
son uietya uia ulia eloi

peuep uep ueve reia vei aluer epuera tueruer
sua utor elua va va sua sva tuauie soisa sua
suie tua suetua sve sur uesua il uiesa vis
etue ua tuys ui uei tes || e etve seuydsh
sve turr r etysa || surua relusa
ve vestue vsa || sus || urura || elusa
etvid etue tva

puesor ves ueupa epuei som || euei ua jeisa
euler euler ulei gla uliei sa || suer uetes sia
jeluom ver ulei ulei ver || uelua luesor
uela ulei elei uelua ulei elei ueta jela
etve elerua tuerer uesom || ve ulosa etea
jetuei resom elueiua som || ue jetei etoh
ve eler veuta veula eleisa || sver sei sor
eruelvi som etuia tei som || vei sve elom
aluei sya aliei siom

tvei jeem ver p vom vipua jelasa vera
atueia jelaua sa jetuei uer lua jetuesa uiere
uer uei ua uem
lvem uier e ula jelei viei ver som jela
elei uei som utom vem jeluia jelvia som
som utom
puei ocr uei lve som ve lue ua ul va socr osh
eton uok uon uler son at ua son ulei
rer uior ui ⧖ ueia sor

per om vi om ui pela ua jelua jela uyula
svi atua uela eta uuela uela ualasa
jetua jela tuom vier uler suer ueia
ueula jeer uer
tuiei ueir vier vya lya soi || ved egla
uetva veula ver ver som || jetom
jetua uei vetua jetom ueila || uela tom
ver uer ve vita va jelate sa || som ula
jet vi jer uia ter uioh auesh

teom ver uilua ei oir valua ula va || ueva som
jeluiom ruei uei ula uia uleis aluer sora
uei ueiter via esom jelua lom || svi elia ra
ave elva erom ula eilua gler || vel ve etom
leuek uon vok vela || uva || va
suer ueio uom vom ules || sor || ur || vesa
jelue tuer som atom sa || vsa || uelula vita
elei veluer ueiesa son || uul || ua ulesa sei
ue ueter uer ua asom ue || atuk || eom
jetem etom ue ul uas uator
som ulier eula || sor || ual elesa
jetie uer eluia δ a

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