Translation of F31r: The Antidote to Poison

Captain’s Blog 5/13/2022:

Analysis of the Author of Folio 31r: There are many different scribes in the Voynich. The author of 31r seems to do the most hardcore extreme locations, the most technically challenging regions in and around Madagascar. A profile of this scribe: the most senior engineer; did not like the cipher as they make the mapping system more obvious and give away a lot of information (see folio 34v, they drew the Mercator Projection directly in the right flower;) stickler for precision and mathematical exactitude. My impression of this author is similar to the fictional character Captain Nemo. The hardest hardcore sea captain of all!

Location: Agulhas inner vortex. Folio 30 describes entering the current at 36°Sx30°E.
Easter Egg #1: Pycnanthus Angolensis the West African Nutmeg. Used for fuel for lighting; soap; controls bleeding; and is the antidote for poisons; plus used in medicine.

Easter Egg #2: The author uses a word that means a river run-in but spells it as if it could mean a Dane. In previous translations from other others they call themselves, Welshman and highlanders, but this author calls themselves a Dane. Linguistically makes sense as the language of Galwegian is a merged language of Old Norse/Old English/ Middle Welsh / Middle English and Archaic Norwegian.
Instructions and Math from Author: aligning the bow of the ship so that it points directly into the on coming waves; once mastering the waves a sea captain can use the trade winds the ship can shoot straight up to continue North.

Working Translation of Folio 31r:

A tangled place, the lead entry is a bent natural state. Gets overthrown enclosure. The ingenious measurement magnification, you will be able to rhumb the natural state. Errors are important. Monster waves passing through the measurement. Monster waves given are observing the proposition, drops directly descending. Confirm. They are proceeding the beginning by means of a cord. Enter the discard measurement, you bend the secant arc to get the former.

The length of the beacon secant arc are getting and you will stop tilting. Use the natural state grids, stir up the space. Momentum points to rivals, they are getting stirred up. The lead use mark, they are getting a yield and y’s. Tested the yield territory projecting end of a radius is bent useless eddy.

Moves swiftly annually, annually they are getting a run in. Confirmed. The vortex has a great force, gates the grids by saying the approximate knots. I am hoping it brings forth the bottom inlets. The disciplines of the annual way method, confirmed. The greater force you twain, us the annual leader measurement magnification. Advisory stakes the outside that you are going.
-stacked series you are to conceal

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:

tysia jepuisa vyr om jeti ipu uipo tie
suya som etysa jetyr r om vitya jip
jetya uia som jetya roir uitia dom sia
jelor ua sor ier or uya tyei uisa jetia
som viee sa jeti er
lvetie sa jetisa jelisa uipor uisor om soi
atysor rom uiutia viei jetisa atysa uisa isa
visa jetisa uiei uies jetiesa uiei uiula
socr vye vulia etiei
leivre etisa etisa jetisa jetysa sor visvia
eiviei jetua soi uia syaa tua tya etom atya
jeom auir etisa via uisom sor
eivier jeit isa etisa atisa soir
royr er uisa som etysa
avisoir viei uita eliosh
elier occula

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