Translation of 31v: Euclidean Space

Captain’s Blog: 5/19/2022

After accomplishing 31r (which took the Agulhas Current East of Madagascar) the task of 31v is to Navigate towards the opening of a canal on the Eastern banks of Madagascar at the base of an Escarpment. To do this the author used surveyors sun observations to calculate bearings; Euclidean Knot Mathematics, Euclidean Space, and Trigonometry. It does suggest that they where using a device that looks like a precursor to the spyglass. Observe the flowers on this page and how they are drawn – is that the sun measuring device?

Translation into Modern English
Escarpment fault line has been forced out to make earthy unrefined inactive stake rhumb beginning. The beginning account is the origin, the advisor allower vaults restrainedly. Rhumb increase puts forth bearing measurement, increase knot mathematics downstream. Measurements, they are a force annually, even bearings maintain the given bearing. You go, fan the flames eastward, seasonal wetland they are getting circular movement, use the long narrow depression between the waves North. Having used magnification that’s an up sequence rule “y” shaped orogeny.

Energetic secant arc entry into the lead. θ12 (first observation: forward progress of time minus second observation: later in the day) beginning at the short period of time of nights natural state. They are howling a rivalry forward, they are the essence of the canonical hour. Time outcome is expressed turning the published atmospheric vorticity. You will bend and must be advancing to the openings smallest unit. The way out is the away sequence of the orifice plate former area. The long depression between the waves has the math rule published. Align the waves, you are weaving the channels natural state. Convex (set in Euclidean Space) means of escape, the entire pass through keep whole. The fence confirms the observation out, north hill’s natural state vaults at an earlier time. Remove eddy on the spaces beginning outer lead. Put forth and swerve towards the bow of the ship, sail above the top sail.


Knot Mathematics

This concept is used throughout the Voynich Manuscript and is vital to understanding how the authors tied ocean currents, Jetstream’s, and time together. A simple way to understanding knot mathematics is the Celtic Knot. A knot is an embedding of the circle (S1) into three-dimensional Euclidean space (R3), or the 3-sphere (S3), since the 3-sphere is compact. Two knots are defined to be equivalent if there is an ambient isotopy between them.

Escarpment: Madagascar escarpment is called the Great Cliff, is often impassable and is itself bordered by the Betsimisaraka Escarpment, a second and lower cliff to the east, which overhangs the coastal plain. The coastal strip has an average width of about 30 miles (50 km). It is a narrow alluvial plain that terminates in a low coastline bordered with lagoons linked together by the Pangalanes (Ampangalana) Canal, which is more than 370 miles (600 km) long. 

The Canal des Pangalanes is a canal that consists of a series of natural rivers, waterways and human-made lakes that extends for over 645 kilometres (400 mi) and runs down the east coast of Madagascar from Mahavelona to Farafangana. Initial expansion and maintenance of Canal des Pangalanes during the time of the Merina monarchy (c. 1540–1897) though it existed prior to that as a coarse unrefined path as the Voynich Manuscript describes.

Convex (set in Euclidean Space): arranged such that for any two points intersect a straight line between the two point is contained within the set.

θ1 – θ2 = Δθ Calculating the average of two sun observations split by a measured amount of time. This is expressed in both the second paragraph and the flowers pointing left of the page.
Definition (Cosine and sine). Given a point on the unit circle, at a
counterclockwise angle θ from the positive x-axis,
• cos θ is the x-coordinate of the point.
• sin θ is the y-coordinate of the point

Voynicheese to Latin Characters
pesoir vysa elisa elysa jelei uie r or or stoir or oid
aluer eutia etye r uiesa etya tyesa som uiesa tysa
atye som visoi etisa etia tiesa etuia roir etyi ei tisa
soir ulisa jetisa etiesa uisor etis oi eutisa etysa elos
atier uyea orogyn
puye sa jep uisoi uiupa uiuei or uyp oiom epoi vie elor
eitosoh uir uei tyei uiuta etiei etoi eta uietor eter ora
atom uytvia auityer uier er uiula etiu etis iuia etoh
ali uiei vieita etier om outisa utom uil uia ulya etior
sor ueor oi tor om eutia erie ter etiei on
rom or utier uisa etya jeior erom uioh

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