Translation Folio 32r- Military Double Code

Captain’s Blog 5/21/2022

The author’s of the Voynich do not mince words – every term is vitally important deriving from a legal court. There is an undercurrent context to every folio and is authored in how the main context flows. The main context is the math equation on how to navigate in a specific region. The undercurrent … is strategic military positioning.

In Folio 32r the undercurrent context has words like: oracle, convexity, issue, squint. These terms are the clues on the page, or as I like to call them Easter Eggs.

Folio 32r key words:

  • oracle: godly message. A shrine where hidden religious knowledge is imparted.
  • convexity: Euclidian space math equation. In gambling a term used as a small convex mirror to cheat by observing other players’ cards.
  • issue: end of a period of time. end result of an event. point of law in dispute in a legal action. a place where something flows out. a movement of soldiers towards an enemy.
  • squint: have an indirect bearing or reference. not quite straight. off center deviates from the true line. turn to an oblique position.

Folio 32v key words:

  • pause: held back
  • beacon: A fire that signals an impending attack or danger. The structure a beacon is placed on.
  • siege engine: A large weapon of war used, during medieval times, to batter fortifications.
  • scythed: A scythe-shaped blade attached to ancient war chariots.
  • jurisdiction: The power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law. The power or right to exercise authority. The power or right to perform some action as part of applying the law. The authority of a sovereign power to govern or legislate. The limits or territory within which authority may be exercised.
  • rushing on violently

A military officers could read this code as: Next position is a top secret location to spy on enemies, move soldiers here in an indirect manner using different South Equatorial currents to Folio 32v. Folio 32v has been given the jurisdiction as a beacon for impending attacks an a position for large weapons.

Geolocation of Folio 32v-32r: exiting the Madagascar canal into the South Equatorial Current )Folio 32v flowing directly on the east coast side of Mutsamudu in the Comoros Islands. There are no actual records of when Mutsamudu became founded but it said it was founded somewhere around 1482. It developed into a major port and is still very important to distribution today.

Translation of Folio 32v: The South Equatorial Current
Area flows * 10. They are stopping, unite the spherical excess of the triangle. The authors held back the measurement, a consumer descending measurement passing through alee. Use the zone links to the lines in the water measurement out, swings the area measurement rhumb. A beacon, your earlier slope wind scatters, dams the rhumb descending siege engine measurement, hunts the measurement velocity of an orifice wind. You get the area, joins together scythed upward valueless. Time sees the spot.

Two higher positions for the energy force route, a different perspective the rhumb jurisdiction outside the velocity, the rhumb rushes on violently, separates the measurement. The sum is an educated measurement they are stopping, barriers the momentum in the direction the dammer upper rhumb links the forefront measurement watercourse. The measurement that is knot math is wind/time measurement about fixed so that the beginning you go is descending.

Translation of Folio 32r: Anjouan, Mutsamudu Comoros Islands
Five (wise sentences) oracles. The projecting end of a radius area, cover as you approach, convexity you must be moving. Oceanographer: vies east of the grids, sway is certainly givable. Surveyor: wind is fixed to time observation, it had joined the measurement, piles the secant directed at the spirit of the sun (possibly a spirit level) the measurement, they are wise, a dammer gates the measurement.

Low whistling sound widespread leader it will be going. Observe the issue (the legal decree from folio 103-end.) the inlets measurement grid secant arc lures excessively. Certain defect measurement, the lines in the water amply Q flow. Remove and squint. You are separating the journeys area measurement enclosure that roars the undeveloped way measurement. Cautious rhumb, get inactive projecting end of a radius, you go separately passing through the Langmuir Circulation, ejective animating force measurement wave. Observe, the joint suckles.

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