The Labyrinthine byways of MS 408 Literature.

Captain’s Blog 1/3/2023 – Happy New Year Voynich Enthusiast!

Many MS 408 Voynich Manuscript researchers will state that the main reason MS 408 theories get labeled as gibberish is that researchers rush too quickly to publish. I can relate, as I have come to the understanding that the context, the true context of the manuscript, is a labyrinth of puzzles and clever deception of the truth. Yet, once I grasped the truth, the truth is so complicated the amount of data one has to consume to translate it is a feet all in itself.

The authors of MS 408 engineered a device that was a combination of devices first developed by Ancient Greeks, the clock, The Antikythera mechanism, the pipe organ and the astrolabe. Each folio consists of how to operate this device to calculate your position on Earth. This device has a lot of moving parts, all components have unusual names, which are in the Voynich. The names themselves can confuse anyone if you don’t know they are how to operate a clock.

What is the most interesting thing you need to know. The crown! The crown on the lady’s heads is a component of the clock, and the crown is the most important component of the clock. The clock also has hands, the lady’s in Voynich have very unusual hand and feet positions. (I wonder what that means 😉 Components are scattered throughout the manuscript and the literature.

For instance, vocabulary of clock components consists of: crown, fork, spoon, pointer, lever, weight, escape, wheel, pallet, eye, arm, hand, feet, teeth, drum, crutch, shaft, leader, spindle, rod, staff, ratchet, dog, oscillator, foliot, anchor, bearings, the mother, load, fly, goose, driver, balance, spring, paddle (oar), horn, bell, whistles, birds, rotation, revolutions, descending, pivot, regulator, stem, tulip, butterfly, snake lever, monkey pulley, crutch, wind, rest… and a lot more.

Below is some clock components hidden in MS 408. There are hundreds of parts, each with it’s own name.

One thought on “The Labyrinthine byways of MS 408 Literature.

  1. A lot of information hidden in these photos. Disguised by heavy saturations of color. I’m very interested in seeing where this goes in relation to the Antikythera Mechanism. I have theorized for years about at least one surviving in private hands. I have come across numerous pieces labeled as “religious jewelry” which actually resemble parts of a much larger device.

    I have very little faith in the existing academic structure. The Layard Lens or Nimrud Lens is filed under “decorative inlay” at the British museum. I have been trying to determine what happened to the two glass bowls found beside this lens. Probably lost under some mundane label.

    If you send me the pictures, I should be able to reveal more information for you.


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