53r – Peru Current

Captain’s Blog: 4/4/2023

There is a lot to observe on Folio 53r of MS408 (Voynich Manuscript.) First lets talk about the location the South Equatorial Current coming out of the Peru Current. The trade winds are the primary driver by latitudinal shifts between the Intertropical Convergent Zone and the trade winds in the north.

The style of quill and the ink color are major clues to this region. The Peru Current is painted red; the authors of MS 408 use red to warn sea captain’s of places not to go. Going this direction would eddy the ship back towards Chile in a never ending cycle, or the ship could hit the west trade winds and crash into the Antarctic.

The quill used resembles an old Ancient Japanese Shrimp Nib called the “suspended needle writing style.” There is no where else in the Voynich we have uncovered that uses this style. Only a highly skilled senior scholar from Japan or China would be capable of making and using such a nib.

On the fifth line first word uses a math symbol for kinetic energy. The geolocation of this word “Etk” is 45°S – 105°W, (Etk is a math equation for the kinetic energy of time, a type of force,) which is where the Peru Current eddies back up North using the force of the trade winds.

In the root system of 53r bears similarity to Inca road systems and city planning. This is the Voynich authors bearing and marker to Peru. There is no indication this is an actual inland location.

Folio 53r Translation:
Pulling apart is misfortune. First mate, approach, observe sunlight, an unavoidable force. The approach hunts the outlet and consumes, interluded that is separate and eels. Etk (kinetic energy of time) will be going North currents. To affirm the instrument, you are separating undeveloped and passes 1 stoke = 1cm2/s. Ready the spherical excess of the triangle out assist the force. You discard the diminished residual. The grids position is going the flowing water alee, the strong wind information implements and gates damlike. Confirmed, you must stop! The fixed set is whole that slips. The outside angle spherical excess of the triangle is even, it will be going time observation early, cultivates a door. You must stop!

Folio 53r Voynicheese to Latin Characters:
tosoh ue ulesa ela
sei son due vi ela
veyd uetok esa
aluesom ata eluia eles
Etk elei upa upesoi atesa jetues || elue jel ela
atiesor ejeer e ut eser uon jetes || atusa uyr soi
desor eler jea lua elia uer etes || atuesa jetua
jeluei sor jela uler eil ve gle || atyes e ateas
elei uei uliyr er erei ues jela

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