Folio 53v – New Caledonia and the Admiralty Islands

Captain’s Blog 4/10/2023: New Caledonia and The Admiralty Islands

Folio 53v is clearly precision cut on the left side observed by many other scholars. As the translation below stats the cut made informs an unusual time zone calculation. The region in which the cut is made is called today the Admiralty Islands of Australia, a heavily fortified military base that has been in operation for centuries to watch for piracy. This tiny region which is under military control has its own time zone.

The reason for this abnormal time zone, which is known in military circles, is due to the fact that the military needed to establish the same time zone as their original origin point. During the 14th century time zones where localized by town, in MS 408 they have a similar way of describing our modern time zones but there are slight differences with a more localized method. Because this region is controlled by the Navy exact precision of time needed to be established and thus the localized time zone from the 14th century was kept in place and still used today.

The establishment of the Greenwich mean time was 1670’s. The Dutch found the Admiralty Islands on 1616. Yale Beinecke MS 408 makes a special point of this location 1405. Therefore, if it was already under military control 1405 the military would need to have already established time zones. These time zones including this abnormal time zone around the Admiralty Islands is set up in MS 408 and the Catalan Atlas.

Folio 53v Translation:
Length*line in the water * way, per speed out higher position = you go. The length * way measurement point of entry fights against the measurement knots. The property mark enclosure joins accurate axis, advance in time attempts to fix the grids passes. To get the measurement per the complete: oceanographer, the book binding trimmed area (30° S / 165° E) speed goes the way, in order of the outer region measurement it informs the axis. You hold the speed*way = time. It goes, assume the value of zero. The time grid belongs to the removed, undeveloped *spherical excess of the triangle otherwise you hope it stops. It consumes the way time circle secant arc + length of the stake*secant arc, it persists somewhat. The spherical excess of the triangle informs the secant arc. The break in wind is uncommon, the whole secant arc. Stakeman, remove, it goes the enclosure, uncommon extract. The jet stream earlier circumference views outside the grid to the side alee. The atmospheric vorticities warm weather consumes higher elevation, it will be going.

Folio 53v Voynicheese to Latin Characters:
lvervia jesuta upe ei lvia som jepua
etya som vytei veh vei ula suoh se
asom upoh uei seuta ulei soh ela
jetei som je uter etuer socce son s
a vya utei uutia som uliesa asa
eueita svia uei a tuiesa uei soh
lesom vesom jeli e sua jeles esom
via tvosa lviesa vie sa vylua epes
e ulie sa vesa jesoi ule sa vier vesom
a ue ula jesoi vesom
elve er uior vies utesoi
auya lua eta tesa esoh
autesom eleisa

Admiralty Islands, WWII

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