F. 55r – Papua New Guinea

Captain’s Blog 4/17/2023:

Hello MS 408 … why? Why have you forsaken me. Nothing like saving one of the hardest pages for the last in the map section.

The context of the page regards the whole standard of accuracy when applied to torsional constants. There are markings in very light rose paint in the left and center flower buds. These markings are interpolation graphs for refining the surveyors observation. These mysterious marking on the left flower, right side are also very similar to ancient artifacts from Indonesia used in high status trade cultures. The artifacts the Tucker STEM Team specialize in are called the Bi. The Bi from Papua New Guinea area Artifact #TC23 is translated to mean “To enter and take a journey.” These symbols are also present in the text characters in Folio 55r and in the light rose color around the flowers. The geodetic calculations on the Bi represent 4° S, which matches exactly the entry point of the journey of Folio 55r. The way that the manuscript use these symbols is two fold; (1) it is the ancient marker for Mount Puncak Jaya; and (2) it is used to calculate the interpolation graphs. Artifact TC23 is estimated to be 18,000 years old, which would indicate this sailing route is one of the oldest known routes in human history. Aboriginals from Australia are known to use this route as far back as 40,000 years ago.

Tucker Museum and Collection Artifact TC23

The rose color on the outer regions of the flowers are the same color as the pottery used in Indonesia called the “Lapita,” meaning rose glaze.

55r Translation:
The pressure knows the convexity spin of Earth I am producing. Since we removed the surges early the oration gives out the origin unprocessed, it ventures the rapidity of motion going, it gets a bearing yield and goes the false bottom of Earth’s rapidity of motion. The time atmospheric vorticity bearing out use gets, I am hoping it produces, the out space measurement earlier. The restrictive hour origin cultivates the exhaust erosion and consumes the use predecessor. The climate is unprocessed and yields time watch, it could be deceived by the true sense of the word. I am bearing the former interpolation, sheltered from the wind measurement that resorts to thrust and the current is running back the uses.

The shine quadrilateral thrust ventures the arcsecond, strong surges the surveyors eye-vane grid is joining the hour out. Kappa (κ) origin consumer of kappa (κ) north atmosphere upward. The monster waves secant arc sunlight distance confirms the out grids, moves rapidly it advances, confirmed, cultivates secant arc. The easting bearing gets the former torsional constant, moves, consumes and fights against the mounds. Northing lures by means of knot secant arc. Self contained mode tangent line moves away. Remove the speed of “m”, the longest time period out is following the spherical excess of the triangle * 1/2 circle * m (torsional constant,) measurement. I am hoping it produces the condition North, you get by the radius horizontal lines, the vault measurement will be going forward for the sake of circle*n.

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:
pesom vitua jep ocr etor at uipom jetusa er ores
etoir or om uesa atoir a jetor etor ei atoi eroi
atoir uei eta etor uta usa jetor etom uuta rom
som er erei uor or tom etus ator esom useiom
ear om etoi uei tuea pu lusa eitom etor er eitoh
lue som ve tyia tisa etei usa
luiser uioi tisa uesa tvsa jelusa jetusa eitor soh
suatia uor uit κ or esor κ oi eyir upesa jetye sa
son uita sor uuta soi jete itysa sor tom sa toh
soir etoi jetor er oroc eor esom etya sorus ei
luer uia tysa sa jetoi etos soivsa eloi eloi s m
eon uta si ecm som etom uii oi ietom eton r
lusoi euta som elei elor vor on.

One thought on “F. 55r – Papua New Guinea

  1. The heavy red saturation in the photos of this post are just like a multitude of others have come across. These people like to put down information and then cover it with heavy saturation of color. Usually red or blue. The heavy saturation of red are the most difficult to work. The Voynich seems to have more of this effect in green than any other work I’ve come across. The information is still retrievable. You can do it with a cell phone if you have enough time and patience.


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