F. 54v – Latitudes and Departures

Captain’s Blog 4/17/2023

Folio 54v of MS 408 references how to calculate latitudes and departures. When you calculate coordinates the sum of the coordinates will be calculated off the latitudes and departures. When you come to the end of the traverse the error of closure will give you the bearing. In the case of 54v the manuscript uses the term arccosine, the arccosine is the bearing to the closure point. The type of person who could apply these math equations would have to know: geodesy, fundamental surveying, plan trigonometry, closure angles, and solve Folio 57v. The fundamentals of this folio contain the following:

  • The latitude of a line is its projection on the north-south meridian and is equal to the length of the line times the cosine of its bearing.
  • The departure of a line is its projection on the east-west meridian and is equal to the length of the line times the sine of its bearing.
  • The latitude is the y component of the line (also known as northing), and the departure is the x component of the line (also known as easting).

Translation of 54v: Papua New Guinea and Java
The drawn North canal borders the known world, confirmed. The monster waves North is going against the wind. The royal sails established the upwards helm orifice plate. It is important to seek the flow of motion secant arc northing. Arccosine false bottom atmospheric vorticity is bent, ventures the surveying closure error, yield zero. Confirms the wind out. Time, I am hoping its bearing ventures the scales, it consumes all around. I have experienced it gets a descending radius zero (0). The bearing yield is feeble, it is important to seek the chord. Measurement spherical excess of the triangle*speed*zero gets a different yielding the surveyors mount axes over a great distance. You are allowed to maintain, stay the beginning line sine*distance (inner leg of the guide point) fault. You are projecting out the grids turn. It is a narrow entrance. The Jetstream route time is whole, the rhumb away produces the higher elevation. The information upward is situated above zero (equator). The former nights descending higher position, observation of the authors observation secant arc measurement, time is required.

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:
puiesor upoi eiom utia sor jetya upyon roi
suion upom ror uier jesom ulo ci sa apuoi
aocr atoi eta uoh uesa ateisoh uiei oh
sor uer uita uei etom uesa ueisa
esom alom jesoh jetor ua r oh
lei uiei veula jesom tuesa
som e s oh jetom alioi etoi eh
asom jeutia jesoi aloh etoisa
tei gtom vuta jetoi soi jeula
eom jeuta jetoh
lei uei ulei r
auei etoi autia
lor upia loh ois oh
er oi ua aloi sei ue sei sa
som uei esom

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