Translations Folio 38r-39v: Sri Lanka

Captain’s Blog 6/20/2022 Recap of previous Folio 37, the map system was above the Maldives in the Arabian Sea. The following folios and translations is a continuation of the Monsoon Drift gyre heading into Sumatra. Keep in mind that the authors are expressing how they drew the maps and what they represent. Each folio isContinue reading “Translations Folio 38r-39v: Sri Lanka”

A Rare Viewing of The Voynich Manuscript

Captain’s Blog 6/13/2022 Yale’s Beinecke Library very rarely lets individuals view the real MS 408 “Voynich Manuscript.” So, it is with great excitement that on behalf of the Tucker STEM team a staff member of Yale’s Beinecke Library examined the MS 408. The library told us “Anyone can attempt to reserve the book in ourContinue reading “A Rare Viewing of The Voynich Manuscript”

Folio 37r/v Wasps, Mayflies & Monkey God

Captain’s Blog 6/6/2022: The Voynich Manuscript has wonderful colors and they do mean very specific things. Green – atmospheric conditions, Red – WARNING do not go there, Blue – depth of water, Brown/Tan – land conditions. The Flowers in Folio 37r are all red – a serious warning that depicts not a flower but aContinue reading “Folio 37r/v Wasps, Mayflies & Monkey God”

36r/v: Arabian Sea & the Game of Goose

Captain’s Blog: 6/1/2022 The medieval game called “Goose” was thought to have been invented by the Knights Templars, (though no one knows for sure (typical Voynich).) It’s a rather simple game, roll the dice, follow the instructions, and is much like “Shoots and Ladders.” The game may have derived from the Barnacle Goose myth knownContinue reading “36r/v: Arabian Sea & the Game of Goose”

Folio 35r/v – Exodus “The Road Out”

Captain’s Blog 5/27/2022 Without the translation of Folio 35r, spying eyes might assume that this folio is the Nile River. If one took the Nile River, they wouldn’t make it half way up Sudan. It is not the road out. The way out is the East African Rift Valley. Note that the authors only putContinue reading “Folio 35r/v – Exodus “The Road Out””

Folio 33r-34v, Zambezi River – Congo Basin

Captain’s Blog 5/25/2022: The river systems maps in the Voynich has confused me to no end. Folio 33r the Zambezi River, Folio 34r the Congo River, and Folio 35r the Great Rift Valley. Why it confuses me is there is no connection between these rivers. In other folio’s there is a connection between on sectionContinue reading “Folio 33r-34v, Zambezi River – Congo Basin”

Translation Folio 32r- Military Double Code

Captain’s Blog 5/21/2022 The author’s of the Voynich do not mince words – every term is vitally important deriving from a legal court. There is an undercurrent context to every folio and is authored in how the main context flows. The main context is the math equation on how to navigate in a specific region.Continue reading “Translation Folio 32r- Military Double Code”

Translation of 31v: Euclidean Space

Captain’s Blog: 5/19/2022 After accomplishing 31r (which took the Agulhas Current East of Madagascar) the task of 31v is to Navigate towards the opening of a canal on the Eastern banks of Madagascar at the base of an Escarpment. To do this the author used surveyors sun observations to calculate bearings; Euclidean Knot Mathematics, EuclideanContinue reading “Translation of 31v: Euclidean Space”

Translation of F31r: The Antidote to Poison

Captain’s Blog 5/13/2022: Analysis of the Author of Folio 31r: There are many different scribes in the Voynich. The author of 31r seems to do the most hardcore extreme locations, the most technically challenging regions in and around Madagascar. A profile of this scribe: the most senior engineer; did not like the cipher as theyContinue reading “Translation of F31r: The Antidote to Poison”

Translation Folio 30r-30v: Mark of Cain

Captain’s Blog 5/11/2022: The Voynich Manuscript has both Easter Egg’s and Rabbit Holes. Easter Egg’s are cleverly disguised words that could mean two different things in either English are a Celtic language. If the word is a plant or an animal it is an Easter Egg that tells you a story about the true meaningContinue reading “Translation Folio 30r-30v: Mark of Cain”