Translation Folio 27r-29v: Agulhas Plateau

Captain’s Blog 5/9/2022 The next few folios in the Voynich Manuscript are historically vital in sea exploration. The geolocation is the Agulhas Plateau just past the Cape of Good Hope. The Agulhas region has: a shallow plateau; icy Arctic waters smashing into the hot Indian Ocean currents; gusty winds, eddies; weak ocean edges; and oneContinue reading “Translation Folio 27r-29v: Agulhas Plateau”

Folio 26v: South African Retro Flection

Captain’s Blog 5/7/2022 There is a lot of legal terms in this page. Words like passport, easement, point on tangent, lead boundary marker, etc. Interesting usage of words as no government entity was governing the South African waters at this time. According to recorded history this region was not sailable because of the break inContinue reading “Folio 26v: South African Retro Flection”

Translations F24v-25v: Cape of Good Hope

Captain’s Blog: 5/5/2022 Folio’s 24v-Folio 25v are based on the same subject line so we decided to post them all at once. The previous Folio’s had described if a ship where to get sucked into Antarctica how to get out. Once leaving the ship captain would need to get their bearings on passing the CapeContinue reading “Translations F24v-25v: Cape of Good Hope”

Translation F 24r: First Mate vrs Sharks

Captain’s Blog: 5/2/2022 The First Mate on a sailing vessel is responsible for calculating speed and position by counting the knots. The translation of Folio 24r gives instructions on how to do just that using a traverse board. Watch here on youtube to learn first hand how it works. Chip Log. There are many importantContinue reading “Translation F 24r: First Mate vrs Sharks”

Folio 23v: A War Horn for Peace!

Captain’s Blog: 4/30/2022 With Folio 23v, where do I begin? I think we’ll have to go back to the beginning, back to Folio 2v, the origin point of the Voynich Manuscript, Kirkcudbright Bay Scotland. During the creation of the VM Kirkcudbright Bay was being made into an International Trade Port Fortified by the protection ofContinue reading “Folio 23v: A War Horn for Peace!”

Translation: Folio23r-Silky Transformation

Captain’s Blog 4/26/2022: A common word in MS 408 that is a clever military code word is “Silky”. In Celtic folklore a silky is a creature that can transform from seal to human. The authors reference is throughout to indicate something that hides under tides or clouds or the like. Working Translation of Folio 23r:Continue reading “Translation: Folio23r-Silky Transformation”

Translation Folio 22v – Weddell Gyre

Captain’s Blog: 4/22/2022 HAPPY EARTH DAY! Folio 22v is all about the wind that spins us round the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and the connection with the Weddell Gyre. Today it’s a hot topic as it controls Earth’s temperatures by cooling us down. The most important aspects to know about the Gyre in connection to theContinue reading “Translation Folio 22v – Weddell Gyre”

Folio 22r: Yew Tree – Death & Resurrection

Captain’s Blog: 4/20/2022 Yale Beinecke MS 408 has a lot to say about escaping Antarctica. Folio 22r explains the science behind combining wind sound and wind speed to calculate how to navigate through the Scotia Sea gateway. The important word on the page is “Aeolian sound” the sound that is produced by wind when itContinue reading “Folio 22r: Yew Tree – Death & Resurrection”

Folio 21r – Military Coded Argot Language

Captain’s Blog: 4/19/2022 The language in Yale MS 408 is a coded language functioning like the Navajo Code used in WWII. For example, the Navajo word for clan is “din-neh-ih”, the code for clan meant Corps. How MS 408 works is similar yet a bit more complex. It manipulates Middle English’s layered etymology and multipleContinue reading “Folio 21r – Military Coded Argot Language”

Folio 20v – Defying History like a Scots

Captain’s Blog 4/16/2022: In all my previous translations of maps and equations in the back of my mind, I kept thinking, how did they do it. Folio 20v defy’s history to such a level I’m speechless. The image in my mind is William Wallace approaching the English Infantry and moon shining them before chopping offContinue reading “Folio 20v – Defying History like a Scots”