How To Open Oak Island Vault – Folio 2r

Edited 1/3/2022: Captain’s Blog.
The translation of (MS 408) Folio 2r is in reference to how to Open the Oak Island Vault. Important things to know about this page. The text runs backwards, like the tides set up in the Oak Island Vault. This is the only page where text is read backwards. The reasoning is two fold, a warning of the tides and also an indicator of the origin point. The origin point is not Oak Island, Oak Island is only the bearing tree. The origin point is folio 2v, Kirkcudbright Bay in Galloway Scotland.

There is a wonderful TV show called “The Curse of Oak Island.” Unfortunately for the current owners of Oak Island they failed to understand the vault and destroyed it. Had they had the translation in the manuscript they would’ve realized the vault is one big scale and tripping the scale would collapse the tide walls and flood the vault. Which happened.

The flower symbology on the page is a thistle – telling the reader to make Scotland the heading. The stems are the merger between Gulf Stream Current and the North Atlantic Drift 52° 42′ N / 34° 52′ W. The most important symbol in MS 408 is the root system of 2r – The Oak Island “Eye of the Swamp.” A surveyors point manufactured by the Knights Templar possibly in the 12-13th century. This point sets up all other points without it getting any other point would’ve been impossible in the 15th century. (Today, we have 600 years of advanced math and maps to fill in missing pieces.)


  1. The point (eye of the swamp) marks the rhumb. The water foams. We sorted it out with time. The row is evidence that it juts out through the beginning line that is seeking the measurement, it is a written account of the marked effort. Get sunlight to the origin, you are synchronizing synchronously to itself. Fortune in the sky is fixed to the air, the descending water current has a wealthy amount passing through to the bottom there.
  2. It makes a sound in the crack next to the sunbeam of sunlight that’s timed. The room is spaced, tie the information, it utters the way, its air drives off from you, the information is spaced. 
  3. Pack vertically, support the amount (weight), they will be found solidifying in fresh water. Let it be elevated at night. Space the period of time to the oceans outside ridge.
  4. The separateness in the outer information goes. Choose the one to remove a ladder located at the back. Balancing
  5. it supports the convex, the ocean rests favourably, the wind slopes downward the axis of the Northeastern. The scales exposed
  6. to force outside momentum/speed, the salty area joins so that it stations.
Excerpt from book “Lost Language of Braveheart and Robert De Bruce King of Scots.”

Voynicheese to Latin Characters (as shown on the page)

Tasona apuei som || eluoi || apuom uteira
Seruera || uterr || ver ula ule
Jelon || ulia a || uer ua asa || uon
Vonsa || ules sa || upa soir || uetom s
Eleuer oi || vesom || ueison || aluom son
Rom sons || stei rer || aleisa || suei sua ula
Ver uta soma || ueison

Tason vom jea r vei peson || atv eivya sonisa
Sir ve tei via jetia atesa ro || uei ata son sonrei
Jeta veiom vei vita som || ulia tiei rom rom
Auon soiua soier von son || eirom vya uter
Etei ua uer uler aer on uon || rom ulia uata doi
Tve atya uia som uula

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