Translation of F.2v – Kirkcudbright Bay Scotland


  1. teem uie puer elomeson uer soir vla
  2. tuetua ve vei jelue ieyir jela uer som
  3. elua uer iva uei uesa ueson uula som
  4. ve ueie uier uesom
  5. tuer va soim ugtea rvia ser uei som
  6. ser uei uer uei tiei ua ula som eluer uon
  7. som ueluia jeliya uetier uyr ur uiom
  8. uetecvi uer uiei uei seiesa


Travel towards a rivalry, to a great extent I have gone the wind east, it is piercing, pushing that is dangerous and dams. To proceed you must stop, the wind measurement barrier. Wind all the time is eager for battle and consumes at the forefront measurement there is away to enter the orifice plate citation. 

Be on guard, the velocity of an orifice is a layer of sedimentary rock and excessive. The rhumb-line is copious. The time measurement is individual. Time the wind; time the tide in the descending enclosure. The measurement separation is a resource. The measurement covers the undeveloped canal. The residual stony debris sound reverberates and the wind yields the time, I have observed.

Copyright Katie May Tucker and Dr. Wayne R. Tucker, 2021

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