Voynich Manuscript – Translation F.3r

Voynicheese to Latin Characters

  1. lvier jepoi uei ulei soihh
  2. auier uer soh jeluoh uoh
  3. euer jeuier uei som ula
  4. ruia uer uoi uoh uoh uo
  5. jetei   ueieia  r uleh eloisoh
  6. aulom uer glieh eloisoh
  7. eluei jesom ueh veh sohe
  8. avier uer uei eta sohe
  9. ve wer vieisoh elueso ei
  10. asor uei ule
  11. Puiei vei reir viei via
  12. etesom jetuer jeruesoh eula
  13. jetya jel via jetesa jetvia uiesa
  14. uer jesor etya jetya
  15. lvieoreh vor er uer eiura ueh elueh eperor
  16. eliei uei r uiei itva jetieh jetei som reiyh
  17. reieh etieh aliesa jetyesoi roh
  18. puieiseh vesom jepuer jepei epueijela eleieh
  19. eluer ei uier jeier sor jeliei jerom uer ula
  20. auier uei esom ueir r om eteieroh


The Length of Approximate (math equation: MA = Fb/Fa) moves up and down. Time the whole set. Disciplinaries of wind grid: it is like a crooked dam, walls ever grooved. The time measurement station is bellowing wind, its track is bent and a wall of torment. It gets a swinging up radius and wheels complete. Steer closer to the wind by means of a complete separating. It is important to obtain the μ-second angle property grid. It is promised the winds time atmospheric vorticity grid is Δ*earlier (math equation: change the earlier) method it is not connected to the way you go. The Azure time is a revolving axis that the wind depends on to move.

Energetic mark aggregated mass, a rivalry throughout. Reset the instrument. The Coriolis force is malicious. The header is inactive throughout, juts out, the causeway increases wind tremor, contend with monster waves. 

Length*stake*period of time (math equation: time=distance/speed) towards the earlier wind resignedly, μ-second angle you are separating the speaker, otherwise, time radius yields the right of way and juts out. To get the measurement a small ship rides the whirlpool, releasing from their jetty is brutal.

You will be making chirping noises, move to the entrance. Go around the corner in a guarded manner, give the bosun’s whistle. Drive to the separation, you go to the dam for your protection. Immobilize the bearings, the wind rests the turbulence. Time consumes the orifice plate rhumb, natural state is undeveloped.

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