Voynich Manuscript Translation – Folio 3v

Voynicheese to Latin Chartacters

teom uper jelea vo utei oteam reia
soysa jeluei ether eter eialei sei sor
eteh uei vei vier ueh uya toh eton
jesor ur ua tui etoi ser uiorim
auior eluoi uer uor uta
er uier ter uesoia ueh
luer eluoh uer upoh r
atua tueh uer uitiei eto
aly ior etiei uleseoia uer ula
euer som jetuei souh uei etora
ve veute uta luer uesom ueh
ev uesor alua luer tuoh r
vor vtom jetua ala uloi uta
Son uioh alioh


Team to higher ground and fallow the land. It is a harmful place. In order to survey, the expedition set up should be like a dam. The navigator you must follow. It lacks a pathway. Observe the fortified horizontal beam, time mark contender μ-second angle with tough going, it tremors a landslide sloping down the water-channel and ejects numerous courses. Distracting separateness the wind and tides stations early and dams devastating most of the time, μ-second angle.

Lures, I am separating the wind in a positive vertical direction, the rhumb implements a splash of wind. To the vast, I am producing an alliance to move forward. Eddies select the wind station ever the measurements and are instrumental to the smallest amount of time. You are elevating, it gives the impression that it stations, but it lures the citation μ-second angle if the method (a)length/descending lures twice the rhumb, because the variation secant speed gates, has the ability to flow the enclosure area and preys on the fire.

Evidence of the – Little Ice Age

One thought on “Voynich Manuscript Translation – Folio 3v

  1. Major overlap with the “Phantom Islands”. We’ve been explaining these for years. Not to toot my own horn but I’m the one who figured out the meaning of Liconigi. There are numerous things hiding within this Atlas. I have personally spent hundreds of hours on numerous versions of these two islands from several works of cartography.

    I keep getting the impression of the Voynich manuscript being the Inventio Fortunata in disguise.


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