Folio 17r: Sea Pig of Distortion

Captains Log: 9/20/2021, edited with Translation April 6th, 2022

The key to the Voynich Manuscript is observation! In surveying Observations are used to measure locations on the Earth’s surface that have been determined by surveying geometric methods. The Observations within the text itself will give specific instruction on how to manage these areas, how to calculate time, and what extreme weather anomalies you might face. When observing folio 17r the root system is a depiction of Porcus Marinus. The great and magnificent mythological creature known to Ancient Greeks as the “Sea Swine” that distorts the truth. What truth is distorted?

Translation of Folio 17r: The Mathematical Theory of Polar Cyclones in Antarctica

1. Dynamic Pressure thunderstorms: the graphs axis origin yells our fathers and weeps. The barrier is situated in their enclosure (2.) the axis is waterlogged (η * velocity of an orifice) tremors, it is out and sets apart, elutes a healthy sine. (3.) Time the earlier descending, I have experienced, you must be advancing. Wind is a rigid container (4.) Leeward side marks, it gets next to the space, you will cry out, in fact it nears as it is away from (5.) triangular raw approximation enclosure. The winds harbors further inland upward than the (6.) Sacred Cubit is open wide segregated whole.

7. It erodes, gates (time*speed*velocity) topples over, speed of velocity (+) speed of the vortex (=) (8.) In that manner the observer moves quickly, it implements
9. level moves out, a consumer of the magnum opus (10.) Disastrous pointer, the area constraints (11.) Separates the bottom, I am hoping it yields the time measurement
12. It has the power to inspire awe, let them see!

(as we say today “the eye of the storm.”)

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:

pvesa soroh asorueh epasa apes uep elua sesa eisula
ason ueta etva jesor utesa ser eluei jesula esr
uei er ua jesoh eter uer etueh
lueh vei jetei jer rom epash reh apua apoch
auitua ula uer ver uper upoisa
lve jaipur jetuier uilia

tvie jetua ueisva tipua sva epuersa
suua sauior ruor atua
rea uuto esor uopuoh
soruior suier son ahei
eluei ulor etom uei som
auesa ueleh

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