Folio 14r: North Equatorial Current, Intertropical Convergence Zone

Captain’s Blog: October 8th, 2021

Voynichees in Latin Characters

puesom uepei vem som son
eatya rem uet jetua sa etei
asom eiua tuer som eiei
eutuar tei va som seresa
jetuei sor soio jeloie
auei en eter ueer euta
elue son uuta

reva puei ver uier atom r
resa uesa eluesa jelua tem ra velasa
jeluer ues vela uesa soisasa eluasa
suetua ruei sa via sor jela atyata
eyn uia tier via luata uesoih
resom ua tua tua atiesa

Translation in Modern English

Pausing, call that the measurement area you all will proceed. Yells went out. It gates the secant arc locality. The axoid (Folio 14r) was given a force for an eternity. Be on guard, the measurements knowledge has been a helpful beginning line. The velocity of an orifice measurement, useless. It is instrumental to confirm the bottom, like undeveloped land. Away facing you must be moving. Unfurl the sails.

Destructiveness after the lines in the water, the true smallest unit rhumb travels us to the elutor. Building a dam taking the natural state covers and barricades the doorway, it veils. Each synchronized directed toward the middle (equator). As we are accustomed remove the secant arc. The way is confirmed. You must solidify as you are approaching. The observation/eyes way ties the way. The heat experience raised and descending approximately towards where it had blown softly.

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