Translation Folio 22v – Weddell Gyre

Captain’s Blog: 4/22/2022 HAPPY EARTH DAY!

Folio 22v is all about the wind that spins us round the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and the connection with the Weddell Gyre. Today it’s a hot topic as it controls Earth’s temperatures by cooling us down.

The most important aspects to know about the Gyre in connection to the information in the Voynich is found in Wikipedia of all places. 8

  1. The Weddell Gyre is one of the two gyres that exist within the Southern Ocean. The gyre is formed by interactions between the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and the Antarctic Continental Shelf.
  2. The gyre is located in the Weddell Sea, and rotates clockwise.
  3. South of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) and spreading northeast from the Antarctic Peninsula, the gyre is an extended large cyclone.
  4. Where the northeastern end ends at 30°E, which is marked by the southward turn of the ACC, the northern part of the gyre spreads over the Southern Scotia Sea and goes northward to the South Sandwich Arc.
  5. Axis of the gyre is over the southern flanks of the South Scotia, America-Antarctic, and Southwest Indian Ridges.

A note from your captain: The translation of folio 22v would not be possible without the translation of folio 13r (Congo). Folio 13r always felt a bit out of place to our mathematician because it didn’t bare any geo-spatial relevance. However, it is essential in being able to navigate through the Antarctica Weddell Gyre as they are the same longitude. To understand the translation of Folio 22r the author’s set up in Folio 13r a mathematical proof of mechanism to define the Weddell Sea Gyre. It is important to note that on these two pages they define the mathematical equation and symbol VA (velocity of an orifice,) heavily used in open channel hydraulic in science and engineering today and the center key point to oceanography.

Translation of 13r: The Mathematical Proof in the pudding
(originally published 10/9/2021

The sea breeze through out the point resides and enters the otherworldly place, whistles cutting South. Join time approximation to the axoid . The Velocity of an Orifice (VA) implementation stops the measurement group. Scraping the surface the ocean air is unlucky, wind (a)length*velocity of an orifice brings forth a sturdy straightaway (a)length*descending cries.

Highlander, the velocity of an orifice + length of the cord of an arc * two = forceful streams eject out separates from above. Recall the individual measurements like a dam the relative vorticity of the Oceanographer’s outer speed. In this way it gets time + secant arc. You are getting a match. The Oceanographer’s frustration: eyesight gates a lot, implement rhumb, separate the measurement. See the way, time measurement includes and they are confined to itself. Reread the approximate succession of the compass.

Translation of Folio 22v:

I hope I am procuring, as it does not appear the atmospheric vorticity leeward side. Otherwise, if not the following velocity of an orifice (VA) allows the measurements smallest unit to barrier towards as you are wishing it elutes a hefty withdraw. To get, watch the barrier enclosure, the barrier toe (a lateral projection by which it is moved) always moves like an eel. I am hoping it goes. Cover to get as it consumes all around. Set apart (a)cross-sectional vector area channel measurement. pressure * lines in the water (Q Flow) the valuer and should go. Meteorologist: it is like a dam, the area dammer enclosure gets the measurement grid. The wind surface currents, time the length of time, it should go the measurement, gates the measurement radius earlier higher position. Second lines interior passes to the secant arc, the forefront measurement enclosure possibly away from (an) last terms of a sequence. A barrier as you go the way, mark the measurement that enclosure is the forefront gates a differing space descending 60, you go.

Voynichees to Latin Characters:

paromer epuor eta lua elsa || rer va jes
som atom jelua tua eluas || sver aua
jeta tueri elua ula elua ta || aluei eloh
eluom vel jeta || esom alom
ser a tuier som
pver valuer elom
auer uer jeluei uera
jelua ula jetei som soh
etver vesa uei luei elom som
jetua som r || er aloi
re tom ela sa
aula som ula
etuon uteisa veleia
jelua ei via vei som
ve ulaa ueula jetua sera
rom ua soisoiei

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