Folio 6v – Theory of the Helm

Captain’s Blog: October 18th, 2021

There was a time when humanity didn’t understand the “wibbly wobbly timey wimmy” stuff of how the Earth’s axis yearly rotation obscured time. Traveling anywhere outside of your latitude was near impossible because of this and strictly forbidden. With the invention of the clock in 1386 understanding how to navigate through this time shift became possible. Folio 6v is the world’s new understanding of the theory of traveling through time on Earth and how to calculate it.

Voynichees to Latin Characters

teoraror uytor jeor ver uopua r uior uor elua
eyr uer uula jetuor uior esom luia uer uom
jeor uta uei eeueuta uituea uta etei rauer
aviuta aluea rer asosa sua sia etesa elesa
son ve uesoh soh eter ela seiseh
luesa veulei ueulia r
auer auei som ulei sei
auer uer etuia jeteh
eiesoi uer uleh r
jetues auior tusa
ler uor eleh ulehsa
aluer va jetoh ula
aesom ula r uer eyr er
jeter uei ulei luoiesa
ueuta r er ua r on er
eua ulor ulor ula
auom utoi ulesoh sa
elueulei uir uler
eueiatuer ua ser
suer ueisor etei som
auier uer euloh

Translated of Folio 6v

Helm Theory: Body of water inlets the sea weeping a radius circumference. The tide barricades atmosphere wind enclosure. The gate keeper’s circumference consumes a widespread affliction. The wind changes direction and inlets outside of time, for a very long time, uproots east turning back and ending up, it is promised, a yield. Follow the axoid otherwise it drops its own guidelines and is detached. The area uses a grid and must be moving onward, passes a (celestial) companion and sieves feebly a rotational rhumb.

Navigator (Disciplinaries of the Way): measurement is fixed to observation.
Meteorologist (Disciplinaries of the Wind): keep watch, it throws out the sight. Wind has a circular rhumb, “the apparatus” distract and tousles, they are progressing the canonical hour, eels a revolving axis. Allows the velocity of an orifice to jetstream the enclosure. Of this, the enclosure rhumb winds atmosphere early and juts out. Time is fixed west. Valuable part, the radius former descending (equation: radius of the circle whose center is at the origin) radius in former. It possess a bottom surface enclosure. Constrained, the boundary preserves the secant arc, the fractional distillation of the canonical hour is set to strive downward in diverse specified ways, weighing down, whirl-pooling the measurement. Meteorologists shout out.

(*) axoid: a bound collection of maps, illustrations and text

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