Folio 6r: Canary Current & St. James Shell

Captain’s Blog: October 19, 2021

The Legend of Pecten Maximus (St. James Shell): It is said that the St. James Shell symbolizes the metaphor that it’s lines represent the different routes by pilgrims from around the world, which all led to one point, the tomb of St. James in Santiago de Compostela. The legend dates back to 43AD. In MS 408 the lines in the leaves represent the trade winds pointing directly at Portugal.

Voynichees to Latin Characters

peor a vei ueier upei uer uut ue || puei uluoh
som uuta uer uer tor ula || uler ueleir
peyor tver ueta or uieyn || atier alom soh
sor uer vier ueula eluoh || aoyr ua
lor etom vyr aleia ulom || esoh
er oi som utoh eteh ulom || asom
som jesom uer uei etom r
auei uter puor vie utom
sor viei rtoccesor elom uera
luer ulies ua ver esvi es
auor eiuos ei uetom er vei uleh uer ula
jeulei aesom ula
ave lom a toyh

Translation into Modern English

Fear, it goes to the otherworld, the weather overhead wind out. The authors soundly escaped the measurement out. The wind air towers, stations, and settles, wheeling
downward. The lines in the water wet origin point and war chariot. A hero’s journey will be able to grid fortified by wind, vying for the foremost separation, whips descending. Knowledge: hoping it ejects a crooked pathway, the watercourse consumes the former nights measurement. The outings algorithm summary watercourse axoid (*)
measurement it is important to seek the wind and time, hoping it produces a radius away the furthest is pure and vying for a means of escape. Protected, the rivalry of the rhumbs immediate earthly powers is going the direction of the wind. Lures the information descending line in the ocean, moves in an “s” shape” and has left turbulence for an eternity. You go the outside former mark revolving axis. The wind enclosure, going to openness, it goes the opposition.

(*) axoid: the bound collection of maps, illustrations and text.

Using the grid system of the St. James Shell in connection to the key to Yale MS 408 the Catalan Atlas Folio 6r will help sail into El Hierro “The Prime Meridian” on Folio 8r.

The Catalan Atlas Panel III below – the black island at the bottom is not an island but a bearing representing the grid of St. James where all Eastern loci points are directed towards Portugal. This vital location help sailors navigate to The Prime Meridian El Hierro.

Catalan Atlas Panel III

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