Folio 19v – Antarctica Vertical Wind Shear

Captain’s Blog: 4/12/2022

Translation of Folio 19v:

The 1ft. circular wheel rotation set of the upper orifice plate compass which approximately gates twice creating the surveyors implements to excessively divide time(SUM) to the inactive passage measurement. Develops a forefront inactive SUM of the SUM barrier and stopper, the measurement delivers undeveloped decent. It lures fixed to the forefront radius. The away radius rotation settles.

Open Field binds together and will be able to have an angular speed. The discipliner of atmospheric vorticity of wind: the higher position method of vertical (aka Vertical Wind Shear – the change in wind speed or direction with altitude) measurement, the time measurement will throw upward valueless. Inactive soundings, the oceanographers measurement settles and moves with a sinuous motion like an eel. Produces positive descending speed of velocity measurement earlier, it should go eastward. a²r function, it approaches and will be able to develop allower all around.

Separates Sounding Fixed

Vertical Wind Shear

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:

peuom uler upuier epuia pa tua
jetua tuei rer jetuer atua soreh
elua ueisom jelei alei som
alu uula jelei som som
jelua jelua som sela
auea luer ulei ueula r
aue r uom uler

lea luiaje suei jetur seh
auer eta uer aloi ueietasser
som uei som jetera etuok
jeleisor etuer som uler eloh
elu etue sva som er elom soir
aiir atuei ela aler alor aluer alom
elueiuiom ulei

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