Kingdom of Kongo- Translation Folio 34r

Captain’s Blog 3/14/2022

In analyzing Folio 34r it should be before or after Folio 13. Is it the mysterious Folio 12 that has gone missing all these years. Our team doesn’t know for sure but with great certainty Folio 34r is the Kingdom of Kongo and the Congo Basin.

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Firstly, the author of Folio 34r is different than other authors. He practically gives it away, linguistically, mathematically and made mistakes in hiding the cipher. Most authors in the VM will hide the true meaning and language by selecting words that are used in multiple languages with varying definitions. I call these “Easter Eggs.” The author of 34r does not use Easter Eggs and doesn’t hide the map grid either.

One of the major key factors of this author is that he made folio 34r in the field. During this time period the common way of writing tool was a quill pen, though this author and others used a stylus pen which was only used by professors/scientists. “A stylus is an instrument used to scribe … it has the advantage of being able to operate over a wide temperature range, does not clog or dry prematurely, and has nearly negligible friction in comparison to other methods.” Wikipedia. In analyzing the penmanship it appears that the author struggled with high temperatures and a very wet season. The coconut ink employed was very dry in the beginning three lines and on the left side, after the equatorial line (view map graphics below) the ink was very very wet.

“The Congo’s drainage basin covers 4,014,500 km2 (1,550,000 sq mi), an area larger than India. The Congo’s discharge at its mouth ranges from 23,000 to 75,000 m3/s (810,000 to 2,650,000 cu ft/s), with an average of 41,000 m3/s (1,400,000 cu ft/s).

The river and its tributaries flow through the Congo Rainforest, the second largest rain forest area in the world, after the Amazon Rainforest in South America. The river also has the second-largest flow in the world, behind the Amazon; the second-largest drainage basin of any river, behind the Amazon; and is one of the deepest rivers in the world, at depths greater than 220 m (720 ft). Because its drainage basin includes areas both north and south of the equator, its flow is stable, as there is always at least one part of the river experiencing a rainy season.” Wikipedia

The second major issue with this authors is he practically gives away the map grid. If you are new to my blog and my work the key to the Voynich Manuscript is the Catalan Atlas. They cleverly disguised the Atlantic Ocean by a star chart called “The Zodiac Man.” Though, as we have posted in the past the Atlantic Ocean is actual a map using Poseidon’s image. Around Poseidon is a grid of how they used calculations for a globe shaped Earth. Most authors in the VM hid the grid, this author does not.

It is important to note how the author gave it away. Line 4, after the third flower on the right, disappears. Line 5 curves up and joins together with line 3. The only place in the Map of Poseidon where that occurs is at the Prime Meridian and Equator line. In the translation it describes the beginning of the page is a grid of a new time zone, which is still used today, the opening of the mouth of the Congo.

The Flowers are a very dark blue. Color in the Voynich depict “Environmental Atmospheric Vorticity” aka ETA ŋ. Dark Navy Blue represents very very deep water. The Congo is the deepest river in the world and can measure as deep as 720 feet or 480 Old English cubits. The translation warns that you must measure the water depths before entering the Congo. The reason is an annual very heavy rainy season. The orifice plate diagram (depicted as flaming leaves) is the flow rate of the Congo and the flowers are a diagram of the upstream and downstream pressure.

Folio 34r Voynicheese to Latin Characters:

Puieipua eiorai || apesa etisosa ves eieisa sor alia
Alor viesa eioh ||  eulisa elisa uson eison eilia tuala
Jelisa uala usoia || sor us elisa jelei etisa sesa esa toh
Alisa som uia eyk ||  va uuta
Jelysa visa visa ei ||  eter or || eiluisa elisa soh uiula
Eliei uitia uula ey ||  uira      || atysiuisa elia etom
Jetisa soi usa eiua || atua || som uita por oyr osh
Velua jeta || eit   ||  uiuta    || atisa jetusa dor eisoh
Atusa jes  ||or||ugl || oitia || aroir oir uesor loh
                                 Er iuia lesoia etom sorsa

Luie eiuuta eia || elusa uipoior
Jetya v loisom || uita ulsoia || eluisa ula rom
Uor om eteror lei ||  jetor uula usoi lis jetor or som soh
Atie ior euia eia ||  estonia tiusa jetusa uer oh oyn soia
Er or ator eioi eta ||  uesa jetoi uisa uuisa uita soroh
Roir uitor uita vit || ueiuisa jetisa atuiei uula

Working Translation:

Sharp chirping noises at the egg shaped shore (Congo Basin.) Deceives forward at the river mouth. The instruments observing eye confirms leeward side. The alderman is contestable every time. Flying (sailing) has been a force out. It is wiser that the framework’s entirety is a bit towards as you will stop at the waterway used. Confirm away from the force out, inactive annually, fluctuates, consumes tenaciously. The boundary marker measurement passes through the bearing tree (ships figurehead aka naked women in the VM) velocity of an orifice out.
Redeem the official mark (mark and twain) for passport to go. You must be moving forward to the origin. The Island Chief has been forced out of the network territory. The unusual observation at the forefront of the island (Island Lago) wires. The sacred cubit knots (velocity of water, measuring the distance and speed) are strong. I am hoping the yields are getting itself a usable given force, it carries the measurement out, for the reason the orifice conceals. To get its going, it is expressed by flames (the leaves on the folio). The flows divide the already diminished that I have allowed at the beginning. (equation d1-d2.) Disordered soundings (depth of water measurement) scrapped margin method is placed earlier. The mathematical rule readings, I am hoping produces security.

Lazy going out which mocks the Wiper (nautical maintenance crew member.) The Monster Waves velocity ruler measurement out averages, it elutes the resting space. (Time Zone) The hour unprocessed ethers route gets at the forefront and uses a fleur-de-lis to get the beginning measurement grid that moves with great difficulty which circulates, vexes and flows an atmosphere zero feet set. The earlier origin erosion changes the going atmospheric vorticity (ŋ). It ventures self-contained a leader of the essential substance of God out while protecting the given knowledge of the advisor’s observations are relinquished, they are getting between the forefront.

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