Folio 22r: Yew Tree – Death & Resurrection

Captain’s Blog: 4/20/2022

Yale Beinecke MS 408 has a lot to say about escaping Antarctica. Folio 22r explains the science behind combining wind sound and wind speed to calculate how to navigate through the Scotia Sea gateway. The important word on the page is “Aeolian sound” the sound that is produced by wind when it passes over or through objects.

Suffixes are the most critical element to understanding the code in the Voynich Manuscript. The word for aeolian sound is “pueia”. Pue is an outdate English word for low whistling sound. The suffix -ia, is used to form a name of a place. The authors in the Voynich are literally saying “the place where sound lives”, today we would say aeolian sound.

Another important aspect to the Voynich linguistics is Bi-lingual meanings. The word “eo” line 5, first word has different meanings in various languages. The translation of this page the authors intent was the Latin meaning . Though the authors are Celtic Middle -English speakers and eo in Middle English means the yew tree. In Celtic folklore the yew tree means death and resurrection and should be the title of this page. The explores having died in Antarctica will be resurrected following the instructions on this page. The yew tree can root and form new trunks where it touches the ground and has incredibly toxic needles. Poetic similarities to the icy conditions a boat will face in this region.

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Translation of Folio 22r:

Maximum go of the velocity of an orifice: the aeolian sound marks the speeds point as it approaches the whirlpool. The measurement throughout the point hips (external angle by intersection of two sloping planes) the perception fairway is an instrumental measurement arranged: measurements outside. I am noticing it gets production of the atmospheric vorticity descending measurement fixed wall-hole, certain residual.

The Fifth (notice the fifth stem is the only stem pointing to the right) throughout the point measurement upland scatters and supports the line, piles the measurement. The resulting measurement gates certainty, measure the wind, it assists the atmospheric vorticity away so that the (a) horizontal distance out sighting is different.

Two marks the speed*approximation variation length of the arc reluctance all around. Go the division up safely. It passes to the measurement converses to get the observation. The forefront will fatten surely. It consumes the suns resting position. It is important for the whole because of the two wind measurement bottom land surely by passing through it gets the secant arc. It points out ice which enlarges the gates atmospheric vorticity. It will be GOING!!! and will be able to see it early. In that manner the measurement has left rotation enclosure. The atmospheric vorticity descends towards and joins the measurement surely, like a joust towards the given direction.

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:

Pei eiva pueia vei s pua ela eteia som epua r eupa
eiem veieter jetuei som uler som uta seh
jetei satom etua som ulei ul eie sor vom

puom epua som upa serom apuei ra ruer som
eo som jetua sor som uer eiser eta auei sua
a uet vua ulyk

tuei vei svier vla useia alom ei elua upoi
suer ela som uleia jeta uelom ueula seim suer
esom son ula ulier erome
tuei uer som ulem suer uia jetei sa epuei eisoh
sem autesa jetua eta eleisa ala sei er suua som
es uom ula etua tua suei som
suer sasom jeuta atei eton

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