Translation: Folio23r-Silky Transformation

Captain’s Blog 4/26/2022:

A common word in MS 408 that is a clever military code word is “Silky”. In Celtic folklore a silky is a creature that can transform from seal to human. The authors reference is throughout to indicate something that hides under tides or clouds or the like.

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Working Translation of Folio 23r:

Many paces descending after the secant arc passes and separates the velocity of an orifice. Yell out the unprocessed δ (delta distribution) nears the measurement. You go, it eyes the grids near the origin wind measurement. View the division of the continuous wind measurement grid it contains the zone time, confirm. Obscured, the smallest unit measurement wheels.

Refuse gives out infertile time, the monster rossby waves points out the areas balance, goes extremely eluting the discipliner. It is instrumental to maintain time eastward. Time origin you go. You go observe the sun-zone.

Set up obscured, you get the arctangent, confirm locality and join together. They extract the grid. The (a)horizontal distance * length(length of time) * east. I am ejecting the going time residual is instrumental. Challenging and instrumental, easts radius you go the measurement. Listen to the flow of the liquid vertical asymptote, the hour extraction radius you get a highly valued inlet, it carries out the radius grids. The relative vorticity + you go + velocity of an orifice = it gets a secant arc set up energy force. The causeway is inflexible which the measurement grids and gets, I am hoping brings forth an observable radius. The islands spherical excess of the triangle grids the ways secant arc. Confirm, it has the ability to surprise suddenly and “silky” (transform.)

Voynicheese to Latin Characters:

pasuseh ua puei sa ela elue va epa om δ apua som ei eisa soi
le or uer som utson elua ieiuer som soh etui sonh
suer ater atom som uleh
jeteisa etoir atocci h jetya epuei son apuer eipuer eluois
auer jetuei aloh uei soir uei or eieisei son
lvei ater jetom ata sor etei suia soccsoi soh a luei soir
etor eiuor vom jetuei sore jetuei soire r ei som oih
jetva uor soccr jetom eiei jeom atua r || soi etua
et ei et va jetei sa soi h vi jety ira eia || som soi
jet etom uluar alio e soi uoi sa || sor alon
atata soiera

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