F. 54r – Fuji Plate and Vityaz Trench System

Captain’s Blog: 4/16/2023

Photo by Tom Fisk on Pexels.com

The Fuji Plate and Vityaz Trench System beginning approx. 176° W x 12° S. This region is tumultuous; full of eddies, hot air, trade winds and a deep narrow ocean trench. The green color on the page indicates that this is the way they would go to sail over Australia. In analyzing Early European maritime expeditions this was the direct path they did take. This region is the beginning point of the “Ring of Fire;” which creates a great deal of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Throughout MS 408 (Voynich Manuscript) they refer to the ring of fire as Newtlandia. On this page, in reference to Newtlandia it uses a Welsh verb-noun word for newt/salamander, meaning “pertaining to the characteristics of a salamander/newt.” Interestingly enough this is also the home of the komodo dragon, which has a split tongue like the split stem in 54r and the stem has characteristics of the scales (the “scales”) of a komodo dragon.

Translation of 54r: Fuji Plate: Meridional Overturning Circulation Equations
The weight(pressure) times the convexity of time North every time the solar angle is above the yield. The map North is marked whole, it is a separate elution per the outer grid. Undeviatingly the helm measurement chooses to move away from the deep narrow depressions (Vitiaz Trench System). Going the radius formerly it goes our developed grid. The sea pertains to the characteristics of a Newt. The longitudinal beginning line, the authors “h” radius pass through is a whole rule. The helm energy is geostrophic flow to be certain.

Forcibly remove, showing profound respect for the outward velocity of the spherical excess of the triangle*meridian*circle*h (meridional overturning circulation equation). At the front it had weighed the length*stakes. The power function grid sets apart the radius way twice, this is, the earlier from stops in motion. The journey speed*power grid network, the departing mathematical conjuncture outside the confirmed, having no validity (null-set) the radius unprocessed eddy is a huge path. It is the former going royal, discard the wind so that radius + radius is the time measurement. The sea is going the observed. The earlier time of day so that the eddies atmospheric vorticity allows the going of the beginning mark secant arc. The measurement must be proceeding the earlier going so the wind time percentage grid (tangent) is earlier. That is the time angular speed sets apart times the spherical excess of the triangle unprocessed north, observe wide.

54r Voynicheese to Latin Characters
pesom vesoi jepuei up io sa || epuiei ueupa
alesom eluia eluia je ute soi || reutesa ror
som ulesa eloi etue sa ei r er a || aluia soh
ler eutei vetua tei ueh uia || ulie loi
ror vi etieson uetia
ter eri uter vepoh vir voh lvier || vi atuei soh
ser r vya tviesa ve er uya uila || rei svi soh soh
levia tesi ute sor vytoi r om || etioh iluoi
eom er ei roi jeter uer utei r || r ve uei som
ler ei sei er uei uei etei eat || aluer ei tei sa
som eter er ei utei uer uei % soh || er ve uei seh
ser vesoi e om oi sei ueitoi reisoh

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