Voynich Manuscript Plants are Maps

Thursday, November 19,2020 Analyzed the flowers in the manuscript. They are not flowers. They are not flowers at all.  The reason no botanist could identify the plants is because they are not plants at all, some of them are the rose compass. Some resemble pathways or castle maps or city maps.  Are these coordinates toContinue reading “Voynich Manuscript Plants are Maps”

Catalan Atlas a Voynich Manuscript Connection?

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 Dad remembered an old map he saw when he worked at the Map Library for the University of Oregon. The Catalan Atlas of 1375.  In analyzing the Atlas I believe that the first two panels with text, the string calculator and astalable are similar to the images in the manuscript andContinue reading “Catalan Atlas a Voynich Manuscript Connection?”

Templar Characteristics

Monday Nov. 16th, 2020: Katie‚Äôs Log (KMT): In doing research on the ancient use of the astrolabe dad mentioned an old manuscript from 1420 that might describe how it works but is not in a translatable known language.  Thought maybe I should look at it and if my Opera skills in translating scripts could gleamContinue reading “Templar Characteristics”